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Yesterday I’ve been to a trip to Bulgaria. I took a lot of photos, even made a short video. Yet, when I saw people with a video camera on, and filming pretty much everything, I felt disappointed.

  • Was it uncomfortable? You bet; the first three months in Bucharest, alone, for the first time in my life very responsible of things, were hell;
  • Was it life-changing? At first no; on the long-term, it was one of the most life-changing experiences in my life.
Solution from above: force change; you may not like it, you may not get the desired results at the beginning; keep doing it and you will change (most likely, for the better

One of my life’s philosophies is simple: saying “Yes!” to pretty much everything (except for the case in which personal values are affected, and this doesn’t happen often).

Today I went to the beach with some friends and some new people; we played foot tennis; from about 8 guys, about the same age, I was the weakest player;

I have about 50 GB of photos on my hard-drive (a photo has about 3-4 MB, you do the math how many photos have I made). How to back-up them all?

I’ve won a car at a lottery; sold it; I don’t own a car; my father owned two different cars; a lot of people I know own cars; I’ve been a passenger in a lot of cars; so, why this “No-no” attitude versus cars?

At conferences and at places with lots of people, I tend to want to optimize the time and be late. On the other hand, I almost never disturb a meeting with my phone ringing.

Yet people would look at the above behavior and say – it’s OK to be late and not OK to have a phone ringing. But, I thought today, what does a phone ring do? Disturb the attention for a few seconds, and then stop. What does being late imply? Waiting for others.

A 5 minute delay is much more disturbing than a phone ring, yet people put emphasis on the phone ring, instead of the delay.

Yes, a phone ring is almost entirely on one’s control, while a delay can be caused by external factors.

Still, the emphasis is, in my opinion, wrongly put.

I will talk in this blog post about real estate web sites in Romania – what should you not miss in such a web site? Case study – houses in Berceni from Premier.

In my opinion, a page on any web site should “sell” you something. A blog should sell its content and ads, an online store should sell the products / newsletter / contact information page, a presentation web site should generate leads. These are important selling points. On a smaller level, a web site has secondary purposes, like branding, providing more information, providing a good user experience, offering the best possible content to the user. Anyhow, a web page should have a purpose, and this can generally be attained better if using call-to-actions. How to create them?

Eclectic = selecting or employing individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles

Yet, apparently a lot of people don’t embrace eclecticism, based on the logic – “If you want to be a better you, you need to only focus on a specific thing and develop this”; I found out this evening that not only people don’t appreciate eclecticism, but there is quite an adversity towards it – “Why do you force me to learn something from a different perspective? Does this involve my work? No? Then go away