Loans Online Vehicle You Know When It'S Ghd-Hairstraightener.

I’ve won a car at a lottery; sold it; I don’t own a car; my father owned two different cars; a lot of people I know own cars; I’ve been a passenger in a lot of cars; so, why this “No-no” attitude versus cars?

At conferences and at places with lots of people, I tend to want to optimize the time and be late. On the other hand, I almost never disturb a meeting with my phone ringing.

Yet people would look at the above behavior and say – it’s OK to be late and not OK to have a phone ringing. But, I thought today, what does a phone ring do? Disturb the attention for a few seconds, and then stop. What does being late imply? Waiting for others.

A 5 minute delay is much more disturbing than a phone ring, yet people put emphasis on the phone ring, instead of the delay.

Yes, a phone ring is almost entirely on one’s control, while a delay can be caused by external factors.

Still, the emphasis is, in my opinion, wrongly put.

I will talk in this blog post about real estate web sites in Romania – what should you not miss in such a web site? Case study – houses in Berceni from Premier.

In my opinion, a page on any web site should “sell” you something. A blog should sell its content and ads, an online store should sell the products / newsletter / contact information page, a presentation web site should generate leads. These are important selling points. On a smaller level, a web site has secondary purposes, like branding, providing more information, providing a good user experience, offering the best possible content to the user. Anyhow, a web page should have a purpose, and this can generally be attained better if using call-to-actions. How to create them?

Eclectic = selecting or employing individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles

Yet, apparently a lot of people don’t embrace eclecticism, based on the logic – “If you want to be a better you, you need to only focus on a specific thing and develop this”; I found out this evening that not only people don’t appreciate eclecticism, but there is quite an adversity towards it – “Why do you force me to learn something from a different perspective? Does this involve my work? No? Then go away

I age – this is obvious; but I also change my thinking, and this is not that obvious; I become better (I hope), or at least different; today, I’m not the person I was one year ago; I forget things, discover new things, have new patterns; this is why I blog – it helps me determine how am I thinking today and I can read this message 20 years from now; it’s a good exercise.

Google is great – it can help you get to information fast; unfortunately, since information is so readily available, we tend to think that we somehow own this information; if you read a scientific book in a field different than yours and have a look on the resources used, you’ll probably notice you haven’t read a huge majority of those books (since they’re on a subject you’re unfamiliar with); yet a lot of the information in those books is available to you (for free, on the Internet, or with only a small money investment, via books); come to think of it, we only know a small percentage of the world’s information; the past is a big unknown, we only have small glimpses of it.

On the other hand, there are a lot of private toilets in bars / restaurants, ready to be used.

Again, on the other hand, you can’t go and use a private toilet in a bar without either feeling guilty for using the property and not paying or without paying for something in the bar.

  • At a conference, you can be late and not miss too much from a speaker’s notes; if you get to the last part only, you can pretty much get the idea of how the speaker is, and if you’re only late for 10 minutes, at the beginning, you won’t miss much;
  • At a meeting, a lot of times, the first 20 minutes is warming-up; you can skip it; even though a lot of meetings are a waste of time, you can decrease your own loss;

When not to be late? When other people depend on your presence there – one-to-one meeting, for example.

Also, whenever possible, leave early; change the scenery; fast.


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